Wednesday, 20 June 2018

NAFDAC Registration Requirements

NAFDAC Approval: Please visit a NAFDAC office to obtain and fill the relevant forms. The process will take you as much as three months and up to six months before you get the certified.

Please note that you are not allowed to produce or sell until your production is approved

NAFDAC Approval is noted to be the most difficult of it all and take much time. 

NAFDAC will not approve factories located in

·         Waste dumpsite
·         Toxic dumpsites
·         Cemetery
·         Non demarcated flats in the same building where people are residing
·         Oil pipeline ways
·         Inside open public markets
·         Sewage centers
·         Public park

Cost of Obtaining NAFDAC Certificate

Note that you need a Registered NAFDAC Consultant to able to obtain your NAFDAC Number. It is your NAFDAC consultant that relates with the NAFDAC Authorities in making payment for forms, inspection of site, borehole water approval and certification.

The total amount plus consultancy fees to obtain your NAFDAC certificate for your pure water factory costs, that is; bottling line and sachet production is N550,000 (Five hundred and fifty thousand naira)

You also need an approved Trade Mark by Trademark Patents & Designs, Abuja. This will cost you N70,000

The trademark can be obtained within three weeks, while your NAFDAC certification should be ready within two to three months, as long as your factory is already in place. 

Ensure that NAFDAC does not condemn your factory during inspection because you will be required to fix anything that is noticed not to be in place and they will keep coming back, which may cost you more at the long run

Other Requirements by NAFDAC
1. Business registration
2. Trademark registration
3.Fumigation of premises
4. Medical certificate of fitness: (for all the staffs)
a. Sputum test
b. Urine test
c. Stool test
d. Chest x-ray
e. Widal test
5. Retainership Agreement with hospital
6.Retainership Agreement with public analyst
7. Company letter head paper
8. Inspection materials:
a. Rubber sandals
b. White overall
c. Head gear
d. Hand glove
e. Nose and mouth protector
f. First aid box (duly equipped)

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