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Standard Layout of Your Pure Water Factory

Let’s Take a Look at Your Factory

Your pure water factory building should be a standalone structure if possible (that means it should not be attached to a residential building or another commercial company that makes use of toxic materials or have toxic wastes). If you must use a building in a residence, then it must be some distance away from the residential building, and should be demarcated, the factory should have its own separate soak away pit from that of the other building. The factory should have its own borehole. Regulators often come back periodically to check this. 

You Pure Water Factory should have:
      Production Room: Fitted with air conditioner and tile. An experienced plumber is needed to ensure a proper drainage is put in place in your water factory. Your production room, especially is expected to be dry at all time.

Take a look at how a typical production room should look like:
In this picture, you can see the automatic sealing machine (left), once water is produced it is first kept either on the floor, but for more hygiene sake, can be kept inside plastic bowls while they are packaged in bags by a packer that works with the production manager, the yellow stand shows that the area is a restricted area, when here you are expected to be on gloves and without a shoe that is used out doors.

      The production room is where your sealing machines and other production machines will be fitted, in locating your production room; you should also consider where the overhead tank is positioned outside the building to avoid extra cost of plumbering.
      A good plumber with the knowledge of setting up a pure water factory should be engaged in doing this.


      Storage Room: The storage room should be large enough to contain what you intend to produce per day, your loaders take their bags of water into the delivery van from the storage room.
      Nylon room: This room will be installed with UV light for the storage of your nylon and bags
      Dressing Room or Cloak: There should be separate rooms for male and female
      Shower Room and Toilet
      Operator’s office: This is where visitors and clients are received. For no reason should visitors be received in your production room, it should be restricted area for a few workers.

Here is a hand sketch showing a standard pure water factory. 

Take a look at it below:
Your pure water factory should have the above layout or close to this

Before starting your pure water factory, please ensure to have space in your factory compound, you need this space for parking of your vans and also for customers who may wish to purchase water using their own vehicles.

Trucks You Can Use For Your Pure Water Business

Take a look at picture of pure water factory setup below...

Pure water factory installation process

Do you want to setup a water factory and you need a consultant to set up, send an e-mail to pure-water@ackcityconsultancyservices.com
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