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Commercial Soap Making Process and Regulatory in Nigeria

Employment of any form today either in the private or public sector has become a nightmare. It is no longer important whether you have an uncle as “oga at the top”, it doesn't give jobs any longer. Is it not when there is available vacancy that the uncle can provide you with a job? Even the uncle is now afraid of losing his own job. And doing everything possible to protect the job; and have a Plan B! 
This is why everyone, including government and private sectors are preaching, “SME”- Small and Medium Enterprises.

Here, we regularly write and post articles On how people can do their own business and not need to wait for a paid employment. We enlighten, teach and give necessary information to our readers, particularly those who will become our clients, information that will help them to start their own business.
We have written on How to start your Supermarket Business, Pure Water Business Set Up, Fish Farming, Online Business, and many others.

The subject this time is, Commercial Soap Making.

Soap making takes three stages; mixing, cutting and packaging.

In starting your Soap Business, here are the list of major important things you MUST put into consideration before starting;

Soap Making Factory Layout:


You factory should be large enough to occupy five rooms divided into (Cloak room, Packaging material room, Packaging material store, Production room, and finished product room

Mixing Stage:

Two- Stainless Mixer (500 liters)

Treatment Plant (20 inches)


Power pump (Stainless or metal) (1HP)

Two- Tanks (3000 Liters)

Water analysis

Chemical to treat

Pipe and fittings

Cutting Stage:

Mould & Molding machine (It can be manual or automatic). You can start your factory with a manual and switch to automatic later- this handled by one person

Cutting machine (It can also be manual or automatic) - handled by one person

Packaging Stage:

Three phase packaging machine is used in packaging of soaps after cutting


Generator; use at least a 100 KVA generator

Regulatory Requirements

1. License (CAC)

2. NAFDAC: Requirements for production inspection of premises for regulated food, water and cosmetics;

Arrange three (3) photocopies of required documents below and present the original for sighting:

1. Application letter (On Company’s letter-headed paper) addressed to:

The Director, Establishment Inspection Directorate, NAFDAC, Abuja

2. Labeling: The label of the packaging materials should be in the following pattern:

Name of product/pack size (Top portion), Batch No., Manufacturing Date, Best Before, NAFDAC Reg. No, List of Ingredients (Except water), Factory location address (Not P.O.Box)

3. Evidence of payment

4. Certificate of Incorporation of Company (Obtained from CAC)

5. Evidence of Trade Mark Reg. (Obtained from Federal Ministry of Commerce & Industry)

6. Organogram of the company with names and qualifications of key officers (e.g. MD, Production Manager, Quality Control Manager)

7. Letter of Appointment and Acceptance of key Officers

8. Standard operating procedure (SOP) for production

9. Standard Operating procedure for Quality Control

10. Standard operating procedure for Cleaning of Factory Premises and Equipment

11. Standard operating procedure (SOP) Recall and Distribution Channels

12. List of production facilities/ quality control with their sources of purchase

13. Batch formulation (Not applicable for packaged water)

14. Retainership agreement with a hospital or clinic (with names and signature of both parties)

15. Food Handlers Test/Medical Fitness Tests which should include;

· Sputum test

· Urine test

· Stool test

· Chest x-ray

· Widal test

16. Analysis of raw materials and finished product

17. Agreement with fumigation company for regular fumigation of the factory with name and signature of both parties

18. Current fumigation certificate of factory (quarterly)

19. Geological survey of borehole report

20. Any other relevant documents


Financial Requirement for running your soap factory

Location Cost

1- Factory Site: Budget between N500,000 and N1million or more, depending on your location. You can call your property agent for more information

Mixing Stage

2- Treatment Plants (16in to 20in): (Please contact admin for pricing)

3- Two- Tanks (3000 Liters): (Please contact admin for pricing)

4- Deionizer: (Please contact admin for pricing)

5- Pumps (Stainless): (Please contact admin for pricing) , Metal: (Please contact admin for pricing)

6- Micro filters(3 Sets): (Please contact admin for pricing)

7- Two sets- Stainless Mixers (500 liters): (Please contact admin for pricing)

8- Water analysis: (Please contact admin for pricing)

9- Pipe & Fittings (Negotiable and depending on the size of factory) (Please contact admin for pricing)

Cutting Stage

10- Mould for tablet soap:(Please contact admin for pricing)

11- Molding machine (Manual): (Please contact admin for pricing) , Automatic: (Please contact admin for pricing)

12- Cutting machine (Manual): (Please contact admin for pricing) , Automatic: (Please contact admin for pricing)


Packaging machine (Three phase packaging machine): (Please contact admin for pricing)


NAFDAC: (Please contact admin for pricing)

Generating Set: (Please contact admin for pricing)


Website/ Online Marketing: ? (Please contact admin for pricing)

Advertising/ Marketing:? (Please contact admin for pricing)

You may check advertising options here:

You may need to budget up to N5million for a standard soap making factory


One- Production Manager,

Three- (Tablet) Factory workers,

Three- (Liquid) Factory workers.

One free worker to run around

Cleaning is usually alternated among the factory workers.

Your Factory Site

For more information, please contact or call 09081122570

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