Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Why You Should Promote Your Pure Water Business

Advertising your pure water business, just like advertising any other product or service is very important and essential.

When you advertise your pure water business, people from different locations get to know about your pure water factory. Especially if your advert does not just end in a small banner around one corner of a page, but if a post or page is created that reviews "all about" your product or service. By doing this, you are not just telling people, "come and buy my product", but you are also giving them details of quality and other benefits of your products.
In your product review post, which also should be linked to your banner, details of benefits of purchasing your product can also be read by your customers. You will tell them about the approval of your product by regulatory authorities, you can even include a picture of your factory, so that customers could feel safe when they see where the water they consume is produced.

So it is all gain-gain for you when you advertise your products, particularly your pure water business.

Do not limit yourself, and always ensure to think outside the box. Don't ever think that your clients will come only from within your location. No you can have clients/customers from several kilometers away from your factory. When interested people see your advert, they can call you to supply water at a much farther distance than you can image. Note to include cost of distance if where you are going to supply your water is too far for you to bare the cost of transportation there.

However, you can only achieve this if you have a good truck/transport system to help you deliver on orders.
Lets take for instance, there are lots of people who don't make a major decision about their life without first searching for information about it online. They search for where they can buy even their panties online.

One of the things we do as blog writers is to create key words which we submit on google and other search machines, enabling people searching for particular information about something to be directed to our blogs and websites.

So when we publish your post about your product review, when for instance a bride who is searching for information online for organizing her wedding, will click through your ad or post when companies that supply table or sachet water for occasions pops up in search engines she used. 

Because you already have a post review of your product where your contact is, you can easily be contacted and given a contract well-running into hundreds of thousands or even millions to supply water during an occasion, depending on how large the event is.

Now this is how we  promote your water factory:
1- You send us your banner (jpeg of any size), showing picture of your water factory and other information you want customers/clients to have about your business in a banner size
2-If you cannot design a banner by yourself, send us pictures of your factory, we will select one or more from what you send, edit and create your banner (This service costs $50/N25,000)
3- We place your ad-banner on our page and you wait to see the result
4- However we also write a review of product/services for clients who want to have their products reviewed for a wider understanding of their product/services, which we create in a post/page. This is better than a banner advert which have very limited information for client to see. Note that banner of your ad placed any where else on the internet can be linked to this post/page. Its almost like having an information center on a bigger blog for your product/service. Again, this will be share through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus and others, including BB, Channel, Whatsapp, etc.
5- To put your banner on our blog, send your request to , if you want to advertise on our other blogs, you can also write to
6- This promo is free for the first 5 applications we receive. Advert will run for one month. Subsequent advert requests will cost $50/ N25,000 per month.


  1. Promoting your business is very essential, any kind of business you do needs at least a minimum level of promotion. If you need more information on how you can promote your business please e-mail or call 09081122570

  2. Thanks Pure water consultant. I have been doing the business for a while never thought I needed to advertise. Thanks for the enlightenment

  3. But most pure water companies don't advertise. I think because they feel it is a localized business