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Web Designing & Management

The purpose of a mini site is to develop a valuable set of information sources that provides people with information and news about your brand or business, while building synergy for the brand.

Website designing also serve as a social environment that allows users, followers, to discuss and chat about posts on your platforms. Therefore we also recommend Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, to be linked through comments and Follow buttons to your website.

Structure & Design

Your website is more than just an overview of your company, it is a digital branded content that informs and engage your digital audience and ultimately affects their buying or following behavior and perception of your brand.

Site Map

Your website should have at least the following site map.
  • Homepage: Including an introduction, sign up form, related news, promotions and social modules
  • Article pages: At least about ten (10) search engine optimized article pages providing information to visitors searching the internet, looking for information on your firm.
  • A web-blog page for additional info and to assist your Search Engine Optimization efforts and a Newsletter Sign up Page
  • A Contact us Page- including company address, phone, online contact form to minimize spam e-mail messages.
  • A detailed site map, outline of your website to aid both people and search engines finding your web pages

Marketing Approach

Though much efforts must be put into the scoping and our subsequent build of your mini site but you should also consider the promotion of your site and the objectives for such are you are trying to:

1. Increasing brand awareness

2. Connecting with potential followers

3. Developing a trust relationship with followers/users through social engagement

Search Marketing
Targeted Search Engine Marketing will drive traffic to the campaign online community and website, increasing reach. Utilizing paid search tactics will allow you to connect with potential customers who already have an interest in your line of business.

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Social Media Approach

Build a social strategy to interact with your target audience by building an online community on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+


Email promotion will promote and increase awareness of your website and increase traffic to the social community.

 Do you need a website or social media presence for your business, church, and NGO, please contact for details.

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