Thursday, 2 August 2018

Starting Your Frozen Food Business

Our focus will be on frozen chicken, turkey and fish.

Food business, particularly frozen food business is one of the best business you can consider going into in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos because of its dense population.

Research have shown that an average of 23 million Nigerian households spends about N10,000 monthly on frozen food. That is about N200B monthly revenue.

The reason is simply because food, like water is in constant demand and what you need to set up your frozen food business is not as expensive as going into other kind of businesses. Food business even prospers in the harshest economic situation because people will have to always eat! People can go for months and sometimes up to a year without buying new clothes, but you have to eat every day.

Frozen food is very lucrative, presently in Lagos a kilogram of frozen chicken sells for a minimum of N1000, sometimes depending on location, it costs as much as N1200. All things being equal, with good patronage an average standard frozen food store makes up to N400,000 monthly profit or more.

Frozen food business is broadly divided into two: Distribution and Production.

Distribution includes wholesale or retail of frozen food products made by other companies. All what is required is a cold room, storage and delivery van, etc. while Production on the other hand involves manufacturing, processing, and packaging of frozen foods, under a brand or label. This requires more capital than the distribution business. A business license is also required from NAFDAC.

To start your frozen food business you need to first put all of these in place:

1. Write Your Frozen Food Business Plan

In writing your business plan, you need to talk one on one with people already in the business; you can offer to work as a sales person for a few weeks to understand how the business is done! Or you can hire a professional to write a plan for you. 

Do you Need a Professional Business Plan? Please e-mail: or call 08105649346

2. Determine the Product You want to Start With

There are a lot of food items that can be sold frozen, so, you choose the ones to start with.

In choosing your product you need to consider the taste and financial position of most people within the location where you want to set up your frozen food store. Try to stick to products with the greatest demand.

Also ensure to separate frozen chicken, turkey, gizzard and other meats from fish.

3. Your Location is very important

Choose a location with good prospect, within a residential area with high population is advised, it can also be close to restaurants, bars etc.

4. Good Storage Facility

You cannot start a frozen food business without properly planning for storage like deep freezers, cold rooms, and other cooling system.

5. Generator

This is very important. You can choose hours to put on your generator to safe fuel so you won’t burn all your profits on power. Ensure to at least have your gen on for minimum of four hours a day non-stop.

6. Mobile Frozen Food Store

This gives access to all types of frozen foods without necessarily having to make a trip to the grocery store. You can make future plans to service your customers from home.

Things Needed to Set up Your Frozen Food Store
  1. Freezer
  2. Capital
  3. Table
  4. Chairs
  5. Knives (Big and small)
  6. Chisel
  7. Generator
  8. Shop
  9. Fan/air conditioner
  10. Sales person maybe one for a start
  11. Water container
  12. Frozen Food
  13. Wooden boards
  14. Aprons
  15. Cabinet
  16. Bowls or buckets
  17. Waste bin, etc

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  1. Thanks for this write up, I have to give this business a try, it seems to be one major meaningful business to go into and not so expensive too

  2. I would like to have a profitability work out of this, please can you send one to me admin?

  3. Frozen food has advantage for the buyers too, easier than going to the market to buy a live chicken or fish to slaughter by yourself