ACKCITY provides business consultancy services for clients, particularly those that want to start up their pure water business.

As you already know, pure water business is a very good and profitable business. For those who started properly, following all the required guidelines and fitting durable and best machinery in their factories, they always get the required reward/profit at the a particular review period, but if you cut corners, or use equipment that are substandard, or refuse to get your proper regulatory requirements and certifications, you may end up  packing up in no time, or even face legal charges, if it involves failure to follow regulatory guidelines.

Water, generally is a commodity always required by people, it has not gender attachments, or class. Class could only come in terms of the mode or medium for obtaining your water.

Business owners can start their pure water factory with a sachet-line, or sachet and bottling line, depending on the resources they have in place to execute their projects.

Ackcity clients are categorized into three major groups;
Category A: Clients who wants to get information on how to set up their factory, start and cost of the machinery needed for their factory

Category B: Clients in this category, are those who just want us to purchase the factory equipment for them while they already have knowledge of the business and can also set it up by themselves

Category C: This are our major clients who from the beginning of their project wants us to handle the whole process, including, procurement of machinery, installation, NAFDAC registration, Trade Mark, start up and training.

Our areas of services includes:
  1. Layout of your pure water factory
  2. Procurement of all factory equipment
  3. Installation of machinery and first test-running of your pure water factory
  4. Business registration (CAC)
  5. NAFDAC Registration/Certification
  6. Trade mark registration
  7. Nylon making 
  8. Bottle molding
  9. Training of staff 
  10. and lots more....

If you want to purchase our Pure Water Business Plan/Proposal (This information guide/plan contains all information you need in setting up you water factory), it costs N10,000. You can get it through your e-mail, only after we have confirmed payment of the said amount in our corporate account.

If you want the manual, please send an e-mail to pure-water@ackcityconsultancyservices.com, requesting for payment details to enable us send the Plan/Proposal to you.

The manual will be sent to the e-mail address you provide after making payment (within a period of 24hours), not more than.

If you want to know the equipment or machinery you need in setting up your factory and their costs, get the manual, it contains all the information needed.

Send us an e-mail at pure-water@ackcityconsultancyservices.com, to request for account details.

Please note that all monies must be paid to ACKCITY ENTERPRISES Account, we don't receive monies into personal accounts.

If you want to set up your factory, and want us to handle it all for you, from the beginning to the end, please send us an e-mail at pure-water@ackcityconsultancyservices.com, or call us on (234) 08105649346

Download Ackcity Pure water manual now 

Pure Water Production Business Guide/Plan

This business plan/guide is for entrepreneurs who want to set up a pure water business either in large scale or even at a small scale.

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