Supermarket is another lucrative business that can thrive anywhere in the world. Succeeding in the business depends on how much resources and time you are willing to put into it. You cannot also overlook location where you are planning to set the supermarket.

In every town and city people largely depend on supermarkets, opening one is very lucrative and profitable. However supermarket business requires a lot of financing.

To start you supermarket business, just like every other business, you need to write a good business plan.

You need to develop a survey, you can contact us to develop a survey for you 

Depending on the kind of supermarket you want to start, you need to first know where your funding is coming from, how large you want to start, whether what you want is just a grocery shop or a large scale supermarket.

Whatever your decision is; you must write a good business plan

If you want to us to write a Supermarket Business Plan/Proposal, please request by sending us an e-mail at (The plan will contains all information you need in setting up your supermarket). Our Business plan/Guide costs N10,000. You can get it through your e-mail, only after we have confirmed payment of the said amount in our corporate account.

If you want the manual, please send an e-mail to, requesting for payment details to enable us send the Plan/Proposal to you.

The manual will be sent to the e-mail address you provide after making payment (within a period of 24hours), not more than.

Please note that all monies must be paid to ACKCITY ENTERPRISES Account, we don't receive monies into personal accounts.

You can also call or whatsapp (234) 08105649346


Starting Your Grocery Store

A grocery store is a shop where food and other things used in the home are sold.

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